Thursday, 31 January 2008

Who's Interest are Interest Rates in?

Interest rates drop we pay less on our mortgages
Interest rates only drop if the people in power tell us were on a economic downturn
So on one hand we feel good for paying less on our mortgages
On the other hand we begin to worry due to the economic forecasts

Interest rates rise we pay more on our mortgages
On one hand we begin to worry due to the increased monthy payments
On the other the government tells us it’s a good sign the economy is doing well, so in order to control our spending we will charge you more on your mortgage
We are still spending when rates rise but the money is going to the banks and the government in the way of stamp duty.

We are controlled by fear of what our financial future may be, which is propagated by the government, and banks through the media.

Does that make sense to you?
Why do we believe the so-called experts?
Is there another answer to the political line?
Have you personally experienced economic changes in line with interest rate fluctuations?

Our fear of lack of determines our financial destiny not the spin given to us through the media. A good salesman can sell anything a bad salesman cannot, The good salesman understands the game and what people want and he gives it to them.
The bad salesman doesn’t think deeply enough, he thinks his success is based on what he has to sell and his environment not himself. A lot of us fall into the same trap.
Bad news and economic forecasts only affect those who do not know how to change their personal situations.

The government announces economic growth do you personally experience this in your life at the time of the announcement?
If not why do you think you will experience the opposite if the government announces it? We are conditioned to think that way is the answer.

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

The Voice - The Voice of who?

This weeks cover story in the voice centred on the fact that more and more black women are turning their attention to white men, not a problem black men have been going out with white women for years.

The difference is in reading the article and finding out the reasons why the article states this is happening..
“This is mainly due to early deaths, prolonged incarceration, homosexuality, unemployment and marriage to white women or other races. It is a common refrain to hear black women complain that there are ‘no good Black men’ in their social universes.”

The article also states that black men feel threatened by successful black women
Events manager and mother of two Kerry Jones, views herself as a ‘new age black woman’, who decided to marry a white man because she felt that she could not find somebody compatible for her to date within her own race.

“Let’s be real, if you are a successful black woman you only have two choices: date outside of your race or date other successful black women. And because I’m not a lesbian, I went for the first option,” says Jones.

Does the voice have to resort to this to get men to buy it?
Only a few weeks ago, they did the same with Trisha on the front with a headline of Why I don’t date black men
Do you think an article like this would have been written about black women, could you imagine what response it would have got.

Some black men don’t date black women because they simply prefer not to, it’s not a crime accept in the voice it seems.
Some men have some perfectly valid reasons for their choices which don’t involve
Being homosexual, incarcerated or fear of a high achieving woman

What say you? I would be interested in your views.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Chris Rock Rocks

I went to the Chris Rock in concert, last night it was a great evening, very true to life which might explain why the audience laughed so much. Comedians such as Rock are not PC but have the license to say the things a lot of us are thinking, without loosing his job. If you get a chance try and catch his show, if you are offended by the F word and the N word stay at home.

Monday, 14 January 2008

Using the Law Of Attraction to change your life

Be the change you want to see
Said by Ghandi but what does it mean

We have the power to change our situation
Starting with ourselves we affect the nation

Changing the world is an inside job
Don’t leave it to the government or the local mob
We have the ability to create our lives
So don’t worry about unemployment and interest rates rise

This kind of thinking makes it worse
We get what we think about and that empties the purse

Unless your thoughts are positive and clear
Full of good intention, and love without fear

Be grateful for what you have and write a list
You may be pleasantly surprised, but you will get the gist

Thanking the universe will give you more
Doing the opposite closes the door

This will enable you to have your wish
As easily as choosing a restaurant dish

Ask away to your hearts content
Be careful what you wish for and check your intent

Learn and apply the principles each day
Because the “Law of Attraction” is here to stay.

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Lessons From Edison

Thomas Edison had over 1000 patents, in 1877 he also created the first phonograph prelude to vinyl, his first words into the machine was a nursery rhyme “Mary had a little lamb” he was over 30yrs old. Ask yourself if you were testing this equipment for the 1st time what words would you have used? I’m sure it would not have been a nursery rhyme. This shows that Edison had a childlike creativity, which contributed to his drive and desire to devise more inventions.

When Edison invented the light bulb he had over 20,000 failed attempts, after each experiment he adjusted what he had previously done and tried again. Where would we be today if after one failure Edison repeated the experiment over and over with the same chemical formula?

A lot of people today repeat behaviors and methods over and over even though past results have not worked. The phrase “banging your head against a brick wall” comes to mind. Coaching helps identify other solutions which are catered to the individual.

There are many keys to achieving success and fulfillment; this is one of the main ones. Find out what works for you and when you find it do it. What changes can you make in your life to ensure achievement? If you are not sure give me a call or drop me an email and see what I have to say, there is only one sure-fire way to know if it works, as Thomas Edison would say

“Change the formula and experiment”
“Change the formula and experiment”.
“Change the formula and experiment”.
“Change the formula and experiment”.

Saturday, 29 December 2007

The Case for Sales - A must read for everyone

The Top Ten Tips For The Sales

1. Create a list of things you don't need

2. Find the furthest store away from your house to travel to.

3. Take a flask, tent & sleeping bag for the overnight wait.

4. Set the alarm clock for 4:45am, giving you 15mins to get changed the next day.

5. Try and queue jump breaking the store doors open, whilst the security guard is opens up

6. Wait for another shopper to grab an item of clothing before you start a tug of war match

7. Let them have it after the item gets ripped.

8. Fill your basket with as many items as possible within a 2 minutes

9. Make sure you take items you dont need or want.

10. Pay for you items using an over the limit credit card, better still pay for your items using coins saved up during the year.

Friday, 21 December 2007

YOU Have The Solution To Your Problems

So much of our modern day inventions are a physical reflection of what goes on in the unseen world and other dimension. One such invention is the SAT NAV (Satellite Navigation System) in which I can see a parallel to intuition.
Intuition is that gut feeling we always have but are not always aware off or listen to. Our intuition gives us immediate answers bypassing the ego, mind, analysis and logic.

The 2 main facets where these are similar is in;
1) The response time
2) The mechanism in which the answers reach us.

In order to understand this process better I will discuss how SAT NAV works a physical device, which will bring clarity to the Spiritual process of intuition.

1) The response time

If we are driving to a location and want to know how to get there SAT NAV will do the trick. Once we type in the location of where we want to go the SAT NAV provides us with a digital motion picture sometimes including an audio message. This constantly adjusts depending upon our location, letting the driver know where he is (PRESENT) and where he needs to go (FUTURE). He doesn't have to take the advice but if he does it will get him to his destination in the quickest time possible. The SAT NAV produces the response in seconds.

Our intuition also provides us with the answers to our questions and issues in seconds using the mind and body as a device to reveal the solutions. We don't have to take the advice but if we do it will get us to our destination in the quickest possible time.

2) The mechanism in which the answers reach us.
Both devices work by transmitting energy from a global/ universal source to an individual source.

SAT NAV works by utilizing a GPS (Global Positioning System) a series of 24 satellites 13miles above the earth. GPS uses calculations based on the distance and timings of the best placed 3 satellites to emit a signal to SAT NAV device.
The GPS uses a frequency (Vibration) of 1575MHz to transfer the data

Intuition utilizes our EGS (Emotional Guidance System). This is linked to our higher self's, the part of us that knows all things, and what is best for us, it has no limitations. Just like the GPS the source of our intuition is high up in a place we cannot see with the naked eye.
The EGS uses frequency (Vibration) transfers the information to our mind and body, the frequency band will differ depending upon the person. The e-motion (energy in motion) creates a feeling normally in the solar plexus and the mind where these vibrations are converted into patterns that the brain can translate into thoughts, words and images.
This EGS source energy will also affect events, people and places around us in order to re-confirm or give us the answers, on a larger scale Synchronistic events /coincidences are also a sign to us about what direction we should be taking.
Just as the screen on the SAT NAV changes to give us direction and clues.

Q How accurate is it?

The accuracy of GPS has been calculated as 1 second per 300,000 years pretty accurate. The GPS has already mapped the planet earth from a high vantage point, so the system knows all the locations all possibilities and probabilities have been calculated long before we had to get in the car.

In this place there are no surprises, time and space do not exist, as we know it, everything that ever can and will happen to us is known. All possibilities and probabilities have been calculated long before our problem came up.
Both systems have an overview of the complete situation, so is best placed to make an informed decision, knowing this we should listen to our intuition and make time for ourselves to practice disciplines which will make us more attune and aware of this inner voice.

Q When was the last time you acted on a gut feeling?

Q What was the outcome?

We really do have the answers within ourselves
Write down any issues you would like an answer to allow yourself time to find your own solutions. The next time you have a problem ask yourself first for guidance and direction before you go elsewhere.

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