Tuesday, 29 January 2008

The Voice - The Voice of who?

This weeks cover story in the voice centred on the fact that more and more black women are turning their attention to white men, not a problem black men have been going out with white women for years.

The difference is in reading the article and finding out the reasons why the article states this is happening..
“This is mainly due to early deaths, prolonged incarceration, homosexuality, unemployment and marriage to white women or other races. It is a common refrain to hear black women complain that there are ‘no good Black men’ in their social universes.”

The article also states that black men feel threatened by successful black women
Events manager and mother of two Kerry Jones, views herself as a ‘new age black woman’, who decided to marry a white man because she felt that she could not find somebody compatible for her to date within her own race.

“Let’s be real, if you are a successful black woman you only have two choices: date outside of your race or date other successful black women. And because I’m not a lesbian, I went for the first option,” says Jones.

Does the voice have to resort to this to get men to buy it?
Only a few weeks ago, they did the same with Trisha on the front with a headline of Why I don’t date black men
Do you think an article like this would have been written about black women, could you imagine what response it would have got.

Some black men don’t date black women because they simply prefer not to, it’s not a crime accept in the voice it seems.
Some men have some perfectly valid reasons for their choices which don’t involve
Being homosexual, incarcerated or fear of a high achieving woman

What say you? I would be interested in your views.

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