Monday, 14 January 2008

Using the Law Of Attraction to change your life

Be the change you want to see
Said by Ghandi but what does it mean

We have the power to change our situation
Starting with ourselves we affect the nation

Changing the world is an inside job
Don’t leave it to the government or the local mob
We have the ability to create our lives
So don’t worry about unemployment and interest rates rise

This kind of thinking makes it worse
We get what we think about and that empties the purse

Unless your thoughts are positive and clear
Full of good intention, and love without fear

Be grateful for what you have and write a list
You may be pleasantly surprised, but you will get the gist

Thanking the universe will give you more
Doing the opposite closes the door

This will enable you to have your wish
As easily as choosing a restaurant dish

Ask away to your hearts content
Be careful what you wish for and check your intent

Learn and apply the principles each day
Because the “Law of Attraction” is here to stay.

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