Saturday, 29 December 2007

The Case for Sales - A must read for everyone

The Top Ten Tips For The Sales

1. Create a list of things you don't need

2. Find the furthest store away from your house to travel to.

3. Take a flask, tent & sleeping bag for the overnight wait.

4. Set the alarm clock for 4:45am, giving you 15mins to get changed the next day.

5. Try and queue jump breaking the store doors open, whilst the security guard is opens up

6. Wait for another shopper to grab an item of clothing before you start a tug of war match

7. Let them have it after the item gets ripped.

8. Fill your basket with as many items as possible within a 2 minutes

9. Make sure you take items you dont need or want.

10. Pay for you items using an over the limit credit card, better still pay for your items using coins saved up during the year.

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